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An Action Civics Card Game

Our Mission:


Civic mindedness is not something you are born with. The knowledge, skills and dispositions of effective civic engagement must be acquired and practiced in a safe environment. That is the purpose of PolitiCraft.


About Us

We feel strongly that teachers and their students need a safe structure in which to have the difficult conversations that are on everyone’s minds, while also providing assistance in teaching the often overlooked concepts of civility and civic engagement. The future leaders of our city and country need a path to the development of, and experience with, tools for engaging in the world around them.


What Teachers are Saying…

“PolitiCraft keeps kids engaged in civic conversation, creating civic action ideas relatable in the real world--and they love to play!”

“Introduced students to that's all they want to do. They come in to play during homeroom and begging to play every day in class. They love the game and it's great to see them becoming more civic-minded and gaining more civic awareness.”

“An awful lot of learning and fun in a really short period of time for an awfully low price. Every government teacher should have several sets on hand! Don't miss out.”




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Since its release in mid-November 2016, PolitiCraft decks have been shipped all over the United States.

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