PolitiCraft Meets Many Standards and is FUN to Play

WOW!!! This game is a great strategy game even without the civics twist to it. The first time I played PolitiCraft I was with other civic-minded adults. The rules of the game are easy to understand and the strategies are easy to pick up with only a few rounds of play. This game makes players think about ways to make a difference and to get their message out there. It makes players follow a course of action to reach certain goals. My favorite part was the use of the "Integrity" cards. I like that players start with some integrity and can earn more, but must have one integrity card...at least a shred of integrity left....to win the game. The cards are colorful, easy-to-read, and logical.
The first time I used this with my students they picked up on the game quickly. Sometimes high school students aren't the most enthusiastic participants, but students quickly found themselves engaged in civic-minded actions, goal-setting, and strategy planning to achieve their objective and win the game. Since the first time, students continually want to play PolitiCraft. It is a great "sub plan" to leave for days when I'm at conferences, workshops, or on personal business. No instructions to be ignored, no grading to be caught upon return, and multiple standards met through the actions taken in the game. Great game....I bought five decks to keep all students in my classes playing, and it was well worth the money.

Introduced students to PolitiCraft...now that's all they want to do. They come in to play during homeroom and beg to play every day in class. They love the game and it's great to see them becoming more civic-minded and gaining more civic awareness. Great game. - M. Heffington - Amazon.com and Facebook

Perfect for the Government Classroom

I am a high school government teacher. I teach at Antietam Academy Alternative High School in Hagerstown, Maryland. I was introduced to Politicraft at a scheduled playtesting for teachers during one of our usually so-so in-service days. I was charmed. It made my day ... no, it made my year. When I returned home I immediately ordered two packs. I have played it numerous times in the classroom, at my church game night and at two game conventions, PrezCon and WBC (World Boardgame Convention).

Politicraft is simple to learn, educational, easy, quick and fun to play and is so so relevant. The designers hit the sweet spot when it comes to describing and demonstrating political action in such a pleasurable way. Each player must recognize that political action springs from a belief, a belief so strong that action needs to be taken. Players also learn that for political action to be fruitful, further and greater action needs to be taken, step by step.

The three aspects I most appreciate are 1) How each player needs to announce their political stand. Personally, when I play, I keep it tongue-in- cheek, such as "I dislike orange vegetables and I wish to ban the use of raw carrots In the American diet." But a political stand can be as serious or as honest as you like. This has the added advantage of encouraging wonderful discussions. 2) How players quickly learn that cooperation rather than contention will counter-intuitively advance one's cause. 3) And how the designers snuck idealism into the game through the earning of Integrity cards for doing the right thing. I like that the person with the most integrity gets a bonus and yet is not always assured of winning the game.

Do I like PolitiCraft? If you can't tell by now, I've used the wrong approach. Seriously, as a game designer myself, I eagerly advocate for PolitiCraft because it carries with it all the aspects of what I look for in a game. An awful lot of learning and fun in a really short period of time for an awfully low price. Every government teacher should have several sets on hand! Don't miss out.  - John Poniske - Amazon.com



I Liked the Way it Combined Both Issues and the Process

I am also a high school Government teacher and purchased it after playing it at a district-wide in-service day. I liked the way it combined both issues and the process of political participation in a game format.

I used this as an end of the year wrap up for seniors. This was a great way for more social students to review and apply what they had learned. It also drew in the quieter kids because of the game format. My students had weekly current events assignments and discussions throughout the year and used what had piqued their interest to choose the topics that they promoted. That said, this would also work if students had chosen a topic to learn about throughout the year so that they would be able to speak more expertly during the game - not required to play, but a fun assessment should your students be required to complete some in-depth research. Some students needed to see a few hands played to get the idea and ask questions, but most dove right in.

Overall, a fun activity that I look forward to using again!   - Daniel J Murphy - Amazon.com

Civics in Action in the Classroom

I saw this game during the NCSS conference last year. With the new school year starting, I look forward to getting a few sets to play with my civics enrichment classes. It may be a little challenging for middle school kids which is why I hope to use it in enrichment where we have the extra time to really work through it and gain an understanding of the material in depth. - Shoeguru - Amazon.com



Great Resource

Perfect resource for your students to not only learn, but have fun learning! I first learned about PolitiCraft at the National Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference last December. This really got students wanting to learn about government/ civics. I highly recommend this learning tool. - Anthony L Coriale, Jr. - Amazon.com

Excellent Tool for Teaching the C3 Standards

As a high school Government teacher, I am really impressed by how sophisticated this "game" is. It's more than a game, it's a thoughtfully crafted experience that does a great job of integrating key elements of the C3 standards. - Peter J. Anderson - Amazon.com

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Amazing Resource & Company

This game is absolutely fantastic! I first heard about it at NCSS last December. I immediately purchased decks for my AP Government students and then purchased extra decks for my whole department. Beside the fact that I and students love the game and it is rich in educational value, the customer service at PolitiCraft is sensational! I decided to do a presentation about the game at our district PD and the sent me great resources to use and a discount code to offer my teachers. I can't say enough amazing things about this product and company.  - Aevascik Amazon.com

Creating Civic Action Ideas Relatable in the Real World--and They Love to Play

I teach high school Civics. PolitiCraft keeps kids engaged in civic conversation, creating civic action ideas relatable in the real world--and they love to play. - Tori Artman - Amazon.com