Make Civics Great Again

The role of civics when it comes to public discourse has become even more important in recent decades as differing political persuasions have attempted to offer their own interpretations about exactly how government runs. The drastic differences that each side has been spouting mean that US politics is in need of its own brand of education.

The Need for Change

Due to this yawning gap, creating the framework for students to embrace just important this concept is can help stem the tide of this problem in the decades that follow. Teachers know that strict instruction is more likely to turn off their pupils, an issue that can be circumvented through the use of educational games like Politicraft.

Within the realm of that traditional instruction, many well-meaning organizations and some of those politicians are under the impression that mandating such education through legislation is the path of least resistance. Most teachers can quickly disabuse them of that notion, meaning that more developed ideas should be considered instead.

Forcing the Issue

This legislation, which was passed by eight states in 2015, requires that students be able to answer 60 percent of the 100 questions asked to individuals on the citizenship test. However, some of the questions have nothing to do with civics and as any student knows, 60 percent success means achieving a minimum of success.

Making Things Fun

Some of the ways to engage students in a better way can have them re-enacting past debates, which each side committed to arguing their case. Either that or the creation of a fictional country can spark their imagination while working within the context of some established ground rules that help shape the realities that are currently present in US politics.

There are also video educational games that look at certain governmental issues and the duties of the average citizen. Being an active participant in this instance can be infinitely better than simply reading a staid interpretation within a school book.

In the case of Politicraft, it essentially boils down to an educational card game that views civic-oriented concerns through the prism of either national, state or local matters. That choice is up to the individual student, which gives them a certain level of power and can help make the investment of time needed to understand a situation fun and a learning opportunity.

Contemporary Concerns

Even before the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States in November 2016, education on civic-related matters was being diminished. Then, during the presidential campaign, Trump indicated that he would push to change libel laws, which he has little authority to actually accomplish.

Since Trump took office, the rights of Muslims and even legal immigrants have been called into question, with other legalities involving Supreme Court nominees also sparking debate. Without having a solid grasp of civics, some students may not be aware that rights are at risk of being violated and the authority of the president has established limits.

Value Where It Counts 

Through the use of educational games such as those noted above, a greater understanding takes place and will hopefully compel students to dig deeper to get to the actual truth of a matter that either affects or interests them. 

US politics has seen the ebb and flow of turmoil over the course of more than 240 years, with the current situation one demanding greater attention from all citizens. Getting students to embrace the benefits of Politicraft is a simple and easy way to make sure the ball starts rolling. Contact us today! 

Rachel Lyle