How to Play PolitiCraft

An Introduction to the basics of the game.


PolitiCraft - We Do Civics!

Listen to why PolitiCraft is a great classroom tool, from the perspective of both teachers and students.


City Year AmeriCorps Members Play PolitiCraft

City Year AmeriCorps members play PolitiCraft and talk about its uses in the classroom and beyond.


PolitiCraft Outside of the Classroom

PolitiCraft has applications outside of the classroom as well, as a tool for facilitating potentially difficult conversations in a variety of settings. At a recent gathering of City Year AmeriCorps members, they discussed the broad range of issues they chose to discuss in the game, and commented on the games potential outside of the classroom.

PolitiCraft and the NCSS C3 Framework

At the 2015 NCSS national convention in New Orleans, Mary Ellen Daneels explained how PolitiCraft enables teachers to meet the guidelines of the C3 Framework, while creating an exciting classroom experience.