PolitiCraft Base Card Deck

Each Deck Accommodates One Game with 5 - 6 Players  (Class of 30 Would Need 5 Decks for All Students to Play at One Time) 

Endorsed by the National Council for the Social Studies

  • We Do Civics!
  • Exciting Narrative Based Card Game
  • Aligned with the National Council for the Social Studies’ (NCSS) C3 Framework
  • Self-Contained Game Played in a Single Class Period
  • Lesson Plans Available
  • Variations on Game Play to Meet Classroom Needs
  • Scaffold Student Acquisition of the Knowledge, Skills and Dispositions of Effective Citizenry
  • Students can Discover How Politics Works and that it can be Fun
  • Students Identify and Advocate for Issues They Care About
  • Active Civics Immersion that can Inform Action Outside the Classroom

We do accept Purchase Orders from qualified educational institutions.*  Contact us at info@politicraft.org or
call us toll-free at (833) - PLCRAFT for details. 


*Some limitations apply.