PolitiCraft Base Card Deck

PolitiCraft Base Card Deck
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PolitiCraft is a narrative-based ACTION CIVICS card game, endorsed by the National Council for the Social Studies, that guides students through varying levels of civic engagement. Through game play, students are guided by the deck to craft narratives based upon civic issues of their choosing (e.g., personal, local, national, etc.). Doing so informs students of the multiple pathways available to them to achieve real change in their community. #WeDoCivics

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Each Deck Accommodates One Game with 5 - 6 Players  (Class of 30 Would Need 5 Decks for All Students to Play at One Time) 

Endorsed by the National Council for the Social Studies

  • We Do Civics!
  • Exciting Narrative Based Card Game
  • Aligned with the National Council for the Social Studies’ (NCSS) C3 Framework
  • Self-Contained Game Played in a Single Class Period
  • Lesson Plans Available
  • Variations on Game Play to Meet Classroom Needs
  • Scaffold Student Acquisition of the Knowledge, Skills and Dispositions of Effective Citizenry
  • Students can Discover How Politics Works and that it can be Fun
  • Students Identify and Advocate for Issues They Care About
  • Active Civics Immersion that can Inform Action Outside the Classroom

We do accept Purchase Orders from qualified educational institutions.*  Contact us at info@politicraft.org or
call us toll-free at (833) - PLCRAFT for details. 


*Some limitations apply.