What the students have to say...

Recently, after playing the game in her classroom, our teacher advisor Mary Ellen Daneels asked her kids to reflect on the following question: 

What actions can individuals take to help you #changethestory about the issue you choose for your narrative? Use the ideas from PolitiCraft game play today to discuss how you one could go from a thermometer to a thermostat and impact your cause. 

Here is what some of the students had to say:

"They can become more involved in the community, especially by supporting a candidate. This will give them a channel to spread their views and get their word out more. Also, they can run social media campaigns and write articles to get the word out of their issue, club, or organization. By working closely with other campaigns and social issues, they can gain support and have a wider network for service. If I can gain enough support while of working with existing organizations, my goal of positively affecting childhood obesity could become a reality. Even if it isn't a large national campaign or affect, helping any amount of people is a great way to give back to my community." -Ross

"Others can help me by just doing small things. For example they can build a website, make YouTube videos, and spread awareness through social media. They can also start campaigns, march, help in fundraisers etc. Small things can help stop this issue, they do not always have to be big things." -Diana

"They can help me spread the word. I can start by spreading the word from the internet or social medias and then once a lot of people start agreeing with me or start helping me out spread the word we can start protesting or marching." -Kathyia

"People could use the social media to promote awareness about police inactivity. Since social media is such a big way to spread word about something, why not use that to our advantage. Not only that, but attending political or district council events would be a good way to spread word about my issue. It will allow people to become knowledgeable about the risks at hand."      -Alexander

"First, they could make a sign and website to give people some info on the topic of bullying. Then make a petition and go around to see if people support what you are trying to take action on. Then take that petition to the state to see if they will try to pass laws about the topic of bullying once they see how many people support preventing it." -Aimee

"The actions that the individuals take to help me change my story about my issue is to make websites and do marches about equality of the teens with disabilities and us. I really like the building bridges card with Jessica. It gave me the idea of teaming up with other people who have the similar issue with me and other different issues as well. I think it'll make the issues more powerful." -Lesly

"Individuals can get involved within the community: join an interest group and organizations. I can blog about the different ideas or situations that have been occurring within the community that deal with bullying and ultimately help bring awareness to the issue by forming bonds with individuals who have experienced bullying and gain their opinion on the issue and how bullying has impacted their everyday lifestyle." -Jessica


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